Best Tips To Use Gmail On Android Phone

Today, almost each of you checks your daily emails for important work related to professionals and personal. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to access the Gmail app on Android phone because features get restricted on the Gmail App. But, by reading the following points the things can be a little easier:

  1. Auto Advance: If you have a lot of unread emails then sort them easily using the Auto-Advance feature.
  2. This can be done by going to General Settings where you will find the Auto-Advance option. This feature can take the user to the next email once the previous email has been archived or removed.  To enable this option, you just need to select between newer, older, and conversation list.
  3. More Labels: As you already aware of Gmail Labels that helps the user to improve the productivity. More the number of labels, easier are to manage emails. So, whether it’s your office email or personal email, just create the labels and manage emails. These labels can be managed easily using the desktop as well as using your Android phone.
  4. Search Quickly: Suppose you have not opened your inbox for many days and suddenly the inbox got flooded with lots of emails. The best thing to do is to use a conventional search method and get the email which you wish to read. Type a name or email address in the search box and get the important emails at the top of the inbox.
  5. Change The Default Action:Gmail offers very smart options at the bottom of every new message, which lets the user select either to Reply or to Reply All. If you generally have to select Reply All feature then just select this option as default. This option is easily available in the General Settings menu.

Some more features include the multi-line signature, vacation responder, etc. For more information and to clear your doubts, dial Gmail Phone Number Australia +61 283173468 and avail our instant help at any time whenever you want.

Original Source: Best Tips To Use Gmail On Android Phone