Gmail Support: How to turn your notifications on and off through the Android

If you are accessing Gmail through multiple accounts, it becomes important to change the settings for each account. You may turn on your notifications with the steps provided below. This is generally made through the primary label in the Android device.

  • On your Android device, go to the Gmail application.
  • Choose the menu on the left.
  • Tap over the settings and choose your accounts.
  • Hit on the notifications section and drag the cursor towards the level of alerts.
  • Further, go to the inbox notifications. Just note down that if you are using Android O and later, you need to tap for managing the notifications. Under the account, ensure that the switch is set to on mode.
  • Go for the settings in your notification that includes sound.

How to modify the settings for different labels?
For changing the arrangements, first, move to your Gmail application and go towards the menu on your left. Go to your accounts and tap for the management. Go to the labels and tap over them to mark them as an important one. Now, sync the emails for the prior thirty days or as per your convenience.

How to get notifications from the emails?
“I waited for hours on my phone to receive a notification regarding a client’s email. After a few hours, I got a call from my senior for my rude behavior of not reverting to the emails. I was stunned.”
If you are not receiving any notifications on your phone, chances are that the alerts are to the off mode. For the solution, go to the settings icon on your Gmail app. Then, choose your account and ensure that you mark a check near the box of syncing.

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