Where Is My Archives Folder In Gmail Account

Just like any other email service, it is easy to access Gmail with the Internet connectivity. One attribute which is offered here is that emails are stored in a specific folder where you want to have a private access or where the chaos isn’t created.

There are two options where you can open the archive – either open it directly or through the specific labels into the search box.

Opening it Manually

  1. Sign-in to your Gmail account. Check your resources then.
  2. Go to more advanced options in the left-hand side for showing the entire message categories.
  3. Now, choose the archive option for the visibility of entire messages in the section.

Viewing the Entire Messages

  1. Login to the Gmail Account.
  2. Choose the more options in the navigation on the left. Go to the entire emails which will be displayed on the screen within few seconds.
  3. Insert the folder of archives in the field provided before the word is inserted. You will asked to give the label command. It will limit your searches to the archive.

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